Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Arrival in Fort Bragg from Garborville

September 11-2012 in Fort Bragg

Before chronicling todays ride, I want to describe our ABB book club that was started several days ago by Herb Schon, Don Yost and myself.  Our first book being reviewed is the book "It's about the Bike" by Robert Penn.

Some of the required ingredients of an ABB book club.
At this first meeting, we drew up participation elements for others to join that include arriving at the meeting with a box of wine or cheese and crackers.  The meetings will not generally be scheduled during periods of riding down the highway.

At the first meeting, Leo, Don and Herb are in deep discussion about the first paragraph of the prologue.

The meetings entered a period of dormancy until today when Herb finished the ride to Fort Bragg with a block of cheese and box of crackers stuck on his areo bars.

Impending Discussion
The book club meeting was quickly called to order and discussion of the first paragraph of the prologue immediately continued without missing a word from our first meeting.

 Rather than recount the book club discussion, I now divert to the review of the day.  We started at a cool 46 degrees in bright sunlight on Hwy 101.

On the road again....
With chainsaw statues of Big Foot most every, the chance of a sighting was quite high.

I had just missed seeing him walk down the road.
We all delighted in seeing a statue of St Vino, Herb's patron saint.

Rick climbing upward on Rt. 1 heading to Fort Bragg.

It appears that California deer can read some of the new signs making Hiway travel safer.

Don headed south to Fort Bragg

Pelicans headed north for better fishing.

Yours truly headed for off road adventures.
We arrived in Fort Bragg and proceeded to spend the evening telling tall tales and discussing things that ought not be discussed here.

Tomorrow we venture 75 miles to Cloverdale by way of more roads through the redwoods.

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  1. Your book club sounds like fun. I could certainly help with the wine!