Thursday, September 20, 2012

King City to Paso Robles

Sept 19, 2012

Today our ride was 61 miles with just over 4000 ft of climbing.  The day started gray and foggy and around 50.  At about 10 miles we hit our first good sized hill shrouded in fog where the visibility at the top was about 100 feet. As we continued down the other side the fog completed cleared within a quarter mile and the sun lit up the valley without a cloud in the sky.

Tracy leaving our King City hotel and head for a bike bridge.

John and Chris crossing the bridge behind me.

Horses enjoying the fog near the base of our first hill.

There are two bikes about 100 feet in front of me at the top of this good sized hill.

Just over the top the fog cleared.

The Dutton Hotel of 1849 near the town of Lockwood could use a little work.
Gary and Jeff cruising in the sunshine.  Traffic was low on this road.
An oasis 40 miles into the ride. 

Karen and yours truly in the wrong place when the camera clicked.

This could easily apply to the three of us in Room 307.

Lake Nacimiento was another oasis in the land of dry.

Jeff's big salad at Margies

We had our T-shirt swap this eve and Shirley chose many of the popular t-shirts for modeling.  :>)

Today we have an 84 miler headed to Santa Maria.

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