Saturday, September 8, 2012

The patio view
Leo elected to take the rollaway to the patio and spend the night in the mist and ocean ambience.  Thought the temp was 50+, I was warm with several blankets.  The evening mist kept the top blanket wet for the night.

Don is demonstrating how to ride road subsidence
The first hill out of town showed us the changing nature of Hwy 101.

Don cresting the 20+ percent grade toward our first view point - San Sebastian
The view at San Sebastian goes on forever... :>)
Margo, Barb and John picnicing at Arch Rock
Leo at Natural Bridge ...waiting for a picnic
Gate way to the west
Tracy and Herb ready to ride California
Leo is really ready to ride California
Leo and Herb leading traffic along a California backroad.
Entering Redwood country
California's way of turning on the lights for narrow bridges.
Helps keep all of us more aware
Though foggy and cloudy most of the day, it was a great day to ride interspersed with bushes loaded with ripe blackberrys.   No need for a sag after a couple of blackberry stops.

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