Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Carmel Valley to King City

Sept 18, 2012

It was so cold, I had to knock icicles off the handlebars...or so it seemed.  The fog had settled in with a temp of around 50.  The first couple of miles on G-16 had a lot of traffic to the little town of Carmel Valley on a road with almost no shoulder or, in some places, a small broken up shoulder.

Carmel Valley soaked up all the traffic and G-16 rolled through hills and ranchland with almost no traffic.  Our total mileage was 56 miles to King City on several different roads. 

The morning view from the hotel veranda

The cows were already out when we flew by this ranch driveway.

Jim and Don excitedly attacking the first hill.

Ranch Art...need I say more?

The fog lifts...there is the sun.  Russ and Mose enjoy the scenery.

the scenery.
Jim and Don gathering "chi"after reaching the top of the hill.

California or Bust

Better times ahead

Fine times on the backroads.

Large fields of vegetables near the town of Greenfield.
What vegetable is this?

Greenfield's new Nasa Rocket "Challenged"
The Laughing Buddha greeted us at the Quality Inn in King City.
The laughing Buddha seems to be laughing about our ride tomorrow... I think he knows too much.

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