Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rest Day Crescent City

Our off day, Saturday Sept 8,2012

Today started with an early breakfast... Ok, 7:30ish.  But there were great expectations developing for Mike's bike handling skills course at 9AM ... to be experienced on a wet parking lot!  We gathered round, listened to Mike describe the skills to be developed, then put them into practice. 

I found that I have a lot to learn about bike handling and found out about how to develop those skills in the act of normal riding.
Mike describing bike handling skills
yours truly attempting an evasive turn without falling down.
After training, the rest of the day was spent on various activities including massages with peppermint oil and hugs.   Late in the afternoon after a sun dance, the sun came out to warm everyone to a 60 degree heat wave.

We met later and headed for the Chart House Restaurant.

Tight formations are one of our groups strong points.
Jeff transforming himself into a tender morsel.
Gary being taken for a ride.
Herb about to be taken for a ride.
The sun setting over our grand dining experience.
The green flash was captured on Baltimore Mark's cell phone.
Gary finds hidden gems.
Barb and the Duchess dancing with the Old Man of the See.... :>)
Tomorrow promises to be a big day with new ABB riders from Colorado and a new set of acquaintences from Houston.  Good thing there are no hills.....

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