Saturday, September 22, 2012

Santa Maria to Solvang

Friday, Sept 21, 2012

This morning was one of the first mornings we awoke not in a fog.  Everyone was quietly excited about the lower mileage of 40 miles and reserved about the possible hills rising to the heavens.  I heard stories of Tarantula sightings but alas from my point of view, they were only stories.

The "Duchess" putting the final 2 lbs of fresh air in her tire for the Solvang dash.

Jim and Don tightening a spoke by putting a kink in it.

The infinite main street out of Santa Maria.

The infinite rows of strawberries (Ok, they are under the plastic).

Herb is quickly putting Santa Maria behind and dreaming of the wines in Solvang.

The very rare albino pumpkin appears in my lens amongst a sea of vegetation.
Don demonstrating air pump use for the amusement of those assembled.
A once new bicycle is geared up ready to ride.
The gate to the land of Peppers.

In the land of Peppers.

Views from one of the hills as we close in on Solvang.
Such order in the land of grapes.
The storybook town of Solvang.
Here we are in the Netherlands....there must be a yogurt shop close.
My first step of my new fall training regimen. 
There was a cigar shop next to the yogurt shop.  A natural next step for my fall training program.
The book club taking a much needed break after a grueling discussion of the 2nd paragraph in the prologue.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we ride to Oxnard.  It is over 80 miles to this place of unknown and unexamined distinction. Perhaps we can change that.  :>)

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